Holland Sport Boat Centre
Zuiderzeeweg 2
NL-1095 KG Amsterdam
Tel 0031 (0) 20 694 75 27
Ultimo aggiornamento:  28.4.2020 Prezzo (EUR):  21.195,00 IVA inclusa
Scegli:  Yachts a motore Anno di costruzione:  nuovo
Lunghezza:  3,35 m / 10,99 fuss Larghezza:  1,22 m
Pescaggio massimo:  0,01 m Ormeggio:  Olanda, IN VERKOOPHAVEN, IN VERKOOPHAVEN
Condizione:  come nuovo Materiale dello scafo:  Polietilene
Carrello trasportatore:  senza carrello trasportatore Codice interno:  1422636
Attrezzatura: For years, our GP models have earned an unbeatable global reputation among purebred racers. For years, our GP models have earned an unbeatable global reputation among purebred racers. This fantastic heritage has become very evident in our latest high-performance model, the new and improved GP1800R. This beautiful, smooth and powerful machine with a super strong and agile hull, has numerous features that make it a class of its own, it is the dream machine of every enthusiast. But now there's even more, an inlet at the top with racing design and a standing surface that simplifies maneuverability, steering and mounting in heavy weather. It seems difficult to improve this legend, but that's exactly what we've done. Powerful Super Vortex 1912cc engine with supercharger This amazing engine is characterized by a smooth and flexible power build-up and is equipped with highly efficient cooling and air intake systems and a strong internal engine construction. The 160 mm Hyper-Flow jet pump converts this power into stunning acceleration, and the electronic fuel injection (EFI) ensures ultra smooth and efficient power delivery. NanoXcel2. Maximum strength, minimum weight NanoXcel2 weighs as much as 18% less than our revolutionary original NanoXcel - but made possible by Yamaha's unique material technology. It significantly reduces the weight of the GP1800R's ultra-sportable fuselage for even faster acceleration, higher top speed and more fuel economy. RiDE system (with electronics to reduce reverse speed) The revolutionary RiDE system provides a whole new experience and greatly enhances self-confidence, especially for sporty drivers. Forward and accelerate with the throttle on the right handle, slow down or reverse with the lever on the left handle. It's as simple as that! Remote control equipped with protection system with Low-RPM Mode. This inventive system is the first to be applied by Yamaha. With the click of a button on the remote control, the special "L" mode is activated (low speed) to limit the top speed - ideal for controlled manoeuvring. For your safety, press the second button to block the ignition. A blatantly sporty past The GP1800R makes towing people and inflating toys child's play, thanks to the strong tow bar, two large, integrated rear-view mirrors, very comfortable Hydro-Turf anti-slip mats and a soft step-up. But there's more. The new inlet at the top and a racing design stand give you more grip on the water and makes dragging easier and more precise. Electronic trim function and clear, stylish instruments With the 2 easy buttons on the left handle, the new electronic trim system offers full control over the trim setting while cruising. You just need to turn to shift into sharp turns and then turn it off again to get off at full speed. Clear indicators for trim, RiDE system and forward-neutral-reverse modes are part of the stylish instruments. Generous storage options - Well thought-out details While you're enjoying yourself on the water, it's nice to know that your personal belongings are stowed away. The GP1800R therefore has plenty of storage options. There is a waterproof storage space (including two bottle holders), ample storage under the seat and easily accessible storage space in the bow.